Watch What Happens Reunion: Part 1
Season 2, Episode 13
Air date May 12, 2009
Episode Guide
Charity Wives
Watch What Happens Reunion: Part 2

Episode RundownEdit

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The Real Housewives of New York City Season 2
<< Season 1Season 3 >>
#01 There's A New Girl In Town#09 Wife in the Fast Lane
#02 Hamptons Retreat…But No Surrender#10 Unfashionably Late
#03 On Their High Horses#11 Van Kempens House Party
#04 If You Have Nothing Nice To Say#12 Charity Wives
#05 New York State of Mine#13 Watch What Happens Reunion: Part 1
#06 Runway Run-In#14 Watch What Happens Reunion: Part 2
#07 Kelly vs. Bethenny#15 The Lost Footage (Season 2)
#08 Game, Set, Feud

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