Vicki Gunvalson
Age 55
Born March 27, 1962
Place of Origin Chicago, Illinois
Series Real Housewives of Orange County
Season(s) 1-

Vicki Gunvalson is an Orange County housewife.

Vicki born and raised in the Chicago area, but now lives in the gated Orange County community of Coto de Caza and is a transformed Southern California girl through and through. She is one of the original ladies of The Real Housewives of Orange County, appearing on the docu-series since season one. She owns a successful life insurance business, which viewers will see is continuing to boom with now over 600 agents under her helm. She is married to her second husband Donn Gunvalson, who is an executive at a shipping company.

She has two children from a previous marriage – Michael, 23, who graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder and Briana, 22, who graduated from nursing school and is now working in a prestigious Orange County hospital. Both Michael and Briana live at home with Vicki and Donn.

Her success is self-made and she doesn't tolerate people who don't work with the same intense ethic as she does. She prides herself on living life to its fullest, playing hard and taking her family on new adventures. She is famous for checking things off her personal "bucket list" (like skydiving and vacationing in Italy). Vicki is strong, determined and a force of nature, fiercely loyal to her friends, but if someone rubs her the wrong way, then they better watch out.

Vicki has taken personal inventory on her life and is finding new wings to fly. For the first time in many, many years she is not responsible for paying school tuition. Now with some of the pressure off of her shoulders, she can truly shift her attention to her marriage to Donn, who has always been so patient and kind to his rambunctious wife. Their marriage has begun to mature recently as they become far more tolerant and appreciative of one another.

Vicki is famous for her enthusiastic "Woo Hoo!," which even inspired Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath to pen a single about her catchphrase.

Vicki still resides in her family home in Coto de Caza, California