Alas, the wait is over. The Real Housewives of D.C. have finally arrived. After the overly-publicized "crashgate" incident at the White House involving D.C. housewife Michaele Salahi, it is a breath of fresh air to finally meet the rest of the cast. The season premiere on August 5th was a nice appetizer for the impending three-course meal of drama that awaits us viewers. I may be jumping the gun, but I will take a chance and label each housewife off first impressions (aka the first episode):

Stacie: She seems like a reasonable, even-tempered, mature woman, but not unaware of certain brash personalities. This working mother runs her household and relationship with class and respectability. However, I can see that she is no pushover; her opinions will come forth soon enough.

Linda: A professional mother of five, she is the "mother hen" of the group who balances strong will with polite manners and self control. She indulged in the occasional gossip, and has no remorse for voicing her true opinions, which I respect. But it is obvious that the tension between her and another attention-seeking housewife will spill over into noteworthy conflict.

Mary: She is the sweetie pie, the mom with it all: aclose-knit family and doting husband as well as famous lineage and powerful connections. Mary doesn't pick sides, but she definitely enjoys the shenanigans surrounding her.

Cat: This British housewife is in D.C. for the experience, not for the long haul. She is a single parent who recently reconnected with the former love of her life. Her brash tone and standoffish behavior offends some, but she tells it like it is, whether or not anyone agrees. Cat takes no prisoners, and I wait in anxious anticipation for who her next victim will be.

Michaele: Over the top, attention whoring, pencil thin, glamour girl Michaele seems more fit for Hollywood than the nation's capital, but she swears there is more substance within her manicured appearance. Michaele is vibrant and outgoing, but makes no excuses for her lavish lifestyle, no matter how inappropriate it may seem. It will be Michaele no doubt, who basks in the spotlight.

Keep watching the D.C. Housewives to see if my predictions come true!

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