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Phaedra Parks
Age 45
Born October 25, 1971
Place of Origin Athens, Georgia
Series Real Housewives of Atlanta
Season(s) 3-

Phaedra Parks is an Atlanta housewife.


Parks is a celebrity entertainment attorney who lives in the historic Vinings area. She is the Managing Partner of The Parks Group, P.C., an Atlanta based boutique law firm that caters nationally to entertainers and athletes. She has served as a legal analyst for NBC and Fox News, and has been featured on Entertainment Tonight, EXTRA, Court TV, among others for her handling of several high-profile clients and cases. An active member of the community, Phaedra, self-proclaimed "Southern Belle," sits on numerous boards and is involved in multiple charities.


Phaedra arrives on the Housewives scene under scrutiny. Phaedra's marriage to her younger husband, Apollo, is the subject of much gossip because he did a stint in prison for a "white collar crime." She is expecting her first child with Apollo and has thrown herself into planning the perfect baby shower.Edit


  • Apollo Naida (husband, 2009-2016)
  • Dylan & Ayden (sons)


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