Nene Leakes
Age 49
Born December 13, 1967
Place of Origin Queens, New York
Family Gregg Leakes (husband)
Series The Real Housewives of Atlanta
Season(s) 1-7, 10-

Linnethia Monique "Nene" Leakes (born Linnethia Monique Johnson) is an Atlanta housewife.


Nene was born Linnethia Monique Johnson and raised in Athens, Georgia. NeNe is an outspoken social butterfly and resides in the upscale Duluth area of Atlanta with her two boys Brice and Brentt and husband Gregg. She donates her time to various charities and is an advocate against domestic abuse. She has founded The Twisted Hearts Foundation, an advocacy project raising awareness about domestic violence against women.

NeNe continues to take the world by storm. Busy on the charity circuit preparing for her second annual event for women against domestic violence, she is also dealing with the emotional search for her biological father while taking care of her family. NeNe wrote a book on her life experiences that will be out later this year, in hopes that she can give advice to young women who face difficult issues like she did growing up. While her no-nonsense, tell it like it is approach sometimes gets her in trouble, she continues to explore her ever-evolving friendships with the other housewives, with some dramatic results.


Nene took the first season of R.H.O.A., alongside her four other co-stars, by storm; but quickly stood out as a fan-favorite due to her bold and hilarious statements. Much of the tone for season one was set by Leakes and remains important in the series today. Atlanta, unlike its other sister Housewives cities, introduced outspoken black women like Nene to American television screens.

I Dream of Nene: The WeddingEdit


  • Mr. Bryant (ex-boyfriend)
  • Bryson Rashard "Brice" Bryant (son)
  • Bri'Asia Bryant (granddaughter)
  • Gregory Leon "Gregg" Leakes (husband, married 1997-2011; remarried 2013)
  • Brentt Leakes (son)