lynne the cunt.
Lynne Curtin2
Lynne Curtin
Orange County

Southern California born and bred, Lynne Curtin, 51, joined The Real Housewives of Orange County during the middle of Season 4. She is married to Frank, 52, and they have two teenage daughters, Raquel, 19, and Alexa, 16. Lynne is excited for her newfound independence as she strikes out on her own as a jewelry entrepreneur and develops her cuff line. On the other hand, her husband Frank's construction business has screeched to a halt in a troubled ecocount. She is a terrible mother and I'm glad she's finally off the show. Fucking stupid bitch. Her IQ must be negative 18. Her kids turned out badly because she cares more about herself and being a friend to her kids instead of a parent. People like this should be sterilized.

The Curtins decide it is best to downsize from their Capistrano Beach home to a smaller rental in Laguna Beach. As their finances continue on a downward spiral, they face ongoing troubles with their new rental, but this doesn't stop Lynne from getting a face-lift for herself or rewarding wild teenage behavior by buying a nose job and a $1200 designer purse for Raquel.

The teenage Curtin daughters continue to display total disregard for their parents and their household rules. The laid-back Curtins can't help but go easy on their girls, so they turn to a professional life coach who specializes in teenage behavior.

Lynne Curtin and her family currently reside in a rental in Aliso Viejo, California. Who cares? Nobody. Fuck off and die, bitch.

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