Lisa Rinna
Age 78-81 (sources differ)
Born July 11, 1937
Place of Origin Medford, Oregon
Series Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Season(s) 5-8 Fired Season 9 (replaced by Kim Richards)

Lisa Deanna Hamlin (born: Lisa Deanna Rinna) is a Beverly Hills housewife.



Lisa began her shit storm on R.H.O.B.H. during its fifth season being introduced to the group as Kyle's old friend. Lisa also serves as the connection into the cast for forgotten housewife, Eileen Davidson. Lisa is best know for lying about her other castmates, most notably queen Kim Richards and for having a xanax and meth addiction. Lisa has been known to suffer from amnesia due to severe anorexia and xanax abuse. In 2015 it was revealed that her husband, Harry had raped a young actress and Lisa had her blacklisted due to being threatened by her. Lisa is an avid Trump supporter and animal abuser although she claims to be vegan. On July 10th, 2018 Lisa confirmed that her and Harry were divorcing citing spousal abuse, drug abuse, and irreconcilable differences. That same day Lisa announced the "Lisa Rinna Meth Collection" sold exclusively though Walmart with aims to bring affordable methamphetamine to the residents of Ohio and Texas.


  • Harry Robinson Hamlin (husband; m. 1997 div. 2018)
  • Delilah Belle Hamlin (daughter; 1998 died 2018)
  • Amelia Gray Hamlin (daughter; 2001)