Kimberly Bryant
Kimberly Bryant
Orange County

Kimberly Bryant (in her 40s) was one of the original housewives in Season 1 of Orange County. A stay-at-home mom and self-proclaimed trophy wife, Kimberly's life revolved around her two kids and their constant extracurricular activities, hanging out with her girlfriends, and improving her appearance. Kimberly's husband, a corporate executive, strongly encourages her to maintain her beauty as do most Coto housewives. With her husband's persuasion, Kimberly decides to have breast augmentation. She increased her size from an A cup to a D cup, a common upgrade in the Coto community. Kimberly stated on the show that at least 85% of Coto women have had breast augmentation performed.

At the end of Season 1, Kimberly's scare with melanoma, a skin cancer, prompts her to announce her family's move to Chicago to escape the California sun rays. Bryant was previously diagnosed with skin cancer at the young age of 27 after a doctor removed 22 moles from her body, finding one to be malignant. This prior medical history was not shared on the show, only revealing her current cancer scare at the show's finale. Bryant did return to make cameos in Season 4 when Vicki and Jeanna visited her in Chicago.

Kimberly and her family are last known to still reside in Chicago, Illinois.