Friends, Enemies and Husbands
Season 5, Episode 2
Air date November 12, 2009
Episode Guide
When Times Get Tough, The Tough Get Blonder!
It Ends in Coto de Caza

Episode RundownEdit

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The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 5
<< Season 4Season 6 >>
#01 When Times Get Tough, The Tough Get Blonder!#10 I Can't Stop
#02 Friends, Enemies and Husbands#11 Nothing Is As It Seems
#03 It Ends in Coto de Caza#12 You Can Dish It But You Can't Take It
#04 It's All About Choices#13 Let's Bow Our Heads and Pray
#05 Friends, Facelifts and Florida#14 This Is How We Do It In The O.C.
#06 All Girls Weekend#15 Is This All There Is?
#07 Love and War#16 Reunion, Part 1 (OC Season 5)
#08 Let Bygones, Be Bygones#17 Reunion, Part 2 (OC Season 5)
#09 No Boundaries

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