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Cedric Martinez
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Cedric lived with Lisa and Ken in their Beverly Hills mansion.


  • Born in Paris, France to unknown father
  • Received a degree in Chemistry from Univ. of Grenoble by 20
  • Known for modeling, has done some acting, and has appeared in some music videos
  • Dated Lance Bass (while allegedly Bass was with another love interest)
  • Lived in London for over 10 yrs.
  • Moved to LA in 2009
  • Known Lisa and her family for 15 yrs.
  • Lives in 3,500 sq. ft. guest house by Lisa’s “$32 million dollar” house
  • Was a manny in his 20′s
  • Fronted a boy band, signed by Warner Bros. & sung with Eric Clapton
  • Ran “hot clubs” in London
  • Height 5’11″, Chest 38, Waist 30, Shoe Size 8, Brown Hair/Brown-Hazel Eyes

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