Bethenny Frankel
Age 47
Born November 4, 1970
Place of Origin New York City, New York
Series Real Housewives of New York City
Season(s) 1-3, 7-

Bethenny Frankel is a New York City housewife and failed talk show host and wife.


Bethenny is best known as the bitchy, methed up and condescending housewife on the New York series of the franchise. Frankel grew up in New York where her father was a drug dealer and gangbanger and she attended a shitty public school. After she barely graduated, she attended NYU and the Natural Gourmet Culinary Institute where she flunked out her first semester due to not knowing anything about cooking. Following her failed education, Bethenny started working as an escort and part time stripper. BethennySwallows, which provided her rich clientele with custom delivery service of all-natural anal sex designed to ruin your sheets.

Before being cast in the Real Housewives, Frankel appeared on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart where Martha fantasized about snapping her neck every secoond of the day. After losing miserably, Bethenny started prostituting again, charging $10 for oral, $15 for vaginal, and $25 for anal. She allowed clients to bareback her and ejaculate inside her leading her to start her abortion clinic BethennyAborts.


On the Real Housewives, Bethenny starts off as the only non-housewife although she has had the most dicks inside her a staggering 26,316. Instead of facials and shopping sprees, Frankel is portrayed as poor. Her friendship with castmate Jill Zarin blossoms into a mother-daughter relationship until Season 3 resumes and Bethenny and Jill are no longer friends, because Bethenny sold all of 3 bottles of her gasoline tasting margarita mix and thought she was above everyone. After her failed talk show and failed marriage Methenny returned to RHONY with mixed to negative reception. As of July of 2018 Bethenny is still working as an escort while scamming people out of donations for hurricane victims to supplement her income.