Alex McCord
Age 42
Born October 1, 1973
Place of Origin Kansas, Texas, & US Virgin Islands
Series Real Housewives of New York City
Season(s) 1-4

Alex McCord is a New York City housewife.


Born in D.C. and raised in Kansas, Texas and the US Virgin Islands, Alex McCord attended Northwestern University. A New Yorker for 14 years and counting, she spent 10 of those years working hard at two careers, graphic design and acting. She is a busy gal-on-the-go, juggling her career with being the mother of two boys, François and Johan, a wife to her devoted husband and constant sidekick Simon van Kempen, and a thriving social calendar. Previously quite reserved, Alex comes out of her shell in season 3 finding a new voice and no longer choosing to stay quiet and ignore the antics of others.

After the birth of her children, Alex made the tough decision to leave theatre in favor of expanding her design and retail operations career and went back to work full time for Victoria’s Secret. With the economy in freefall, Alex was laid off in early 2009, and found a silver lining by going into business for herself. She quickly landed high-end designer consignment chain Second Time Around as a client, as well as Manhattan’s oldest camera store, Willoughby’s, where she will unveil an in-store showroom renovation with Pentax and Leica this spring. 2010 is big for Alex and Simon both with the birth of another kind of baby, the book they wrote together, Little Kids, Big City, out in April. With both their boys in school, Alex and Simon can now enjoy their recent home renovation project – their Brooklyn dream home is complete.


After HousewivesEdit

She and her family moved to Australia to be closer to her husbands family.


  • Simon van Kempen (husband, 2000-)
  • Francois and Johan (sons)

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